GIFs of my own photographs

These photos are copyrighted © by me, Steven E. Newton.

If you're looking for pictures of me, please check my Portraits.
Description Image (Size)
An arrest at a protest [1024x768x256]
Canoes on Lake Travis [600x403x16.7M]
My cat at the back door [606x407x16.7M]
Empty Yellow Garage [600x404x16.7M]
Hide 'n' Seek [655x444x256]
Me (Steven E. Newton) [323x477x256]
Mud People, Rainbow Family Gathering [661x440x256]
Celebrants with Flag, Rainbow Family gathering [639x429x256]
Woman at Rainbow Family gathering [660x442x256]
Girl on Road, East Texas [646x420x256]
Sarah in her room [655x451x256]
High School Girl [460x725x16.7M]
Girls on a Beach [400x595x256]
A lake Austin landscape [1024x768x256]
Volleyball Players [428x638x256]
Band Playing [645x503x256]
Girl by a Window [600x400x16.7M]

Zen of Photojournalism

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