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Close Affiliates
The Southwest Zen Academy
Houston Zen Community
Other Zen Buddhist Resources

Close Affiliates

All these groups are very closely associated with my teacher or his students.
The Pathless Path
The Pathless Path is dedicated to the practice of silent meditation as experienced in the traditions of both Christian Contemplation and Zen Buddhism.
Zen Desert Sangha
A lay Zen Buddhist organization based in Tucson, Arizona. ZDS is affiliated with the Diamond Sangha, founded by Robert Aitken Roshi in the Harada-Yasutami lineage, and has as a teacher Pat Hawk Roshi, one of Aitken Roshi's successors who now lives for part of the year in Tucson.
Mountain Cloud Zen Center
Mountain Cloud Zen Center is an affiliate of the Diamond Sangha in Honolulu, Hawai'i.
Highway 50 Zen
Book Reviews by Zen Masters. Book excerpts containing humor, poems, stories, teachings and the many other sides of Zen. An off-beat look at Zen by a koan student in the Diamond Sangha Zen Buddhist Tradition.

West Houston Zen Center

The first place I ever sat in an organized group was the former Southwest Chogye International Zen Academeia, now known as West Houston Zen Center, which is actually in the Korean tradition, and the Korean equivalent of Zen is Son. Abbot Craig Learned, an American, was very kind to me, and the teacher, Myo-Bong S'nim, was earnest, even if his English needed work. Mr. Learned is now Dae Mun Zen Teacher after receiving Inka from Zen Master Dae Gak.

Houston Zen Community

I used to live in Houston, Texas and my family is still there, so here's a collection of information about various groups in the Houston Zen Community. Please note that I only update it sporadically (last change Jan 13, 2001), and I'm only keeping it as a service to friends in Houston.

Other Zen Resources & Sitting Groups

Maria Kannon Zen Center
A place for people of various backgrounds and faiths to practice Zen. Members practice Zen in the lay Zen tradition of the Sanbo Kyodan Religious Foundation
Craig Presson's Fingers pointing to the Moon
Craig is aka Dharman Craig in Zen Master George Bowman's Single Flower Sangha, and an associate member of the Kwan Um School of Zen.
Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library
Buddhist WWW Virtual Library
DharmaNet Electronic File Achive
DharmaNet's Gateways to Buddhism is an online clearinghouse for Buddhist study and practice resources.
10 Bulls
Tricycle Hub
The Tricycle Hub is the interactive forum of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, an independent Buddhist quarterly.
Zen in Austin
I used to live in Austin, and I still have a number of friends there.
(I still think that Mu is derived from the one I scanned and first used here)
The Zen Centers of the World list is very comprehensive.

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